Kite Festival Essay In English (250 Words)

Kite festival is also known as Uttarayan and as Makar Sankranthi in some parts of the country. On this day sun starts to travel towards north making a decline of winter. Due to this, days become longer, skies clearer, and breeze cooler. This festival is celebrated as thanks giving and merry making. The symbolism of this festival is to show the awakening of Gods from their deep sleep. Kite festival was first celebrated by the kings and royals followed by nawabs. They found the sport entertaining and wanted to show their power and skills. It began as a sport to Kings; once it became popular everyone started playing this game.

Kite festival is celebrated on 14th January. It is celebrated mainly in Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra. It was a regional festival of Gujarat for many years. In 1989, first international kite festival was celebrated with participants all over the world with their innovations kites.

Expert kite makers and flyers are in much demand during this festival and are called from round the globe. This is celebrated mainly to indicate that winter is over. During the festival, Patang Bazar is one of the major attractions, which is opened round the clock during that week. During that week, people can get different types of kites and it related things from there. Illuminated box kites, which are known as Tukkalas are tired in series of a line and launched into the sky. Festival ends with the traditional Gujarati food. Undhiyu, Jalebi, Til laddu, Chikki are made and disturbed among the close relatives.