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Adharam Madhuram Madhurashtakam - Krishna Bhajan

Krishna Bhajans
Adharam Madhuram, Vadanam Madhram,
Nayanam Madhuram, Hasitham Maduram,
Hrudhayam Madhuram, Gamanam Maduram,
Madhuradhipather Akhilam Madhuram 1

Vachanam Madhuram, Charitham Madhuram,
Vasanam Madhuram, Valitham Madhuram,
Chalitham Madhuram, Bramitham Maduram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram. 2

Venur Madhura, Renur Madhura,
Panir Madhura, Padou Madhura,
Nrithyam Madhuram, Sakhyam Madhuram,
Madurathipather Akhilam Maduram 3

Geetam Madhuram, Peetam Madhuram,
Bhuktam Madhuram,Suptam Madhuram,
Roopam Madhuram, Thilakam Madhuram
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram. 4

Karanam Madhram, Tharanam Madhuram,
Haranam Madhuram, Ramanam Madhuram,
Vamitham Madhuram, Samitham Maduram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram. 5

Gunja Madhura, Mala Madhura,
Yamuna Madhura, Veechi Madhura,
Salilam Madhuram, Kamalam Madhuram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram. 6

Gopi Madhura, Leela Madhura,
Yuktham Madhuram, Muktham Madhuram,
Drishtam Madhuram,Sishtam Madhram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram 7

Gopa Madhura, Gavo Madhura,
Yashtir Madhura, Srushtir Madhra,
Dhalitham Madhram, Phalitham Madhuram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram 8