Sri Krishna Janmashtami Quotes, SMS, Wishes & Messages

1. JANMASHTMI, is a special time when family And friends get together, for fun.
Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days,
In this festive season of JANMASHTMI and always!!!!

2. May This Janmashtami
Festival bring happiness, amusement,
joy and succes for you
and the blessing of lord krishna
always on you..
Happy Janmashtami

3. May Lord Krishna
Take Your Troubles
On This Janmashtami
And Leave Only Blessings.
Happy Janmashtami

4. May Lord Krisna’s flute invite the melody of love into UR life.
May Radha’s love teach not only how to love but to love eternally !

5. May Lord Krishna come 2 your house and
take away all ur Makhan,
Mishri wid all ur worries and sorrows,
His blessings on u and ur family.
Happy Krishna Janmashtami.

6. May lord Krishna
Show you the way in your life
As he has shown the way to
Arjuna in kurukshetra
May lord Krishna bless you on your way.

7. May This Janmashtami Bring Happiness In Your Life
Hatred Be Far Apart From Your Life.
Enjoy The Festival With Love On Your Heart And Good Wishes For Others.
"Jai Shri Krishna"

I pray to God for ur prosperous life
May u find all the delights of life
may ur all dreams come true
Our best wishes will always be with U

9. Today is very precious day
Some one special was born
Born to fight against inhumanity
Born to save the trust in God
Happy Janamashtami

10. Lord Krishna believed in Karam Yoga:
Follow the right path;
See unity in diversity;
Serve humanity without expecting rewards;
Happy Krishna Janamashtmi!

11. Enjoy Your Tim
With Family And Friends
Today Wishing You
Only Cheer This Janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

12. Love Is That Great Connection
Luck That Perfect Score
Can You Put A Finger On Janmashtami
Happy Janmashtami

13. What Is Your Now Was
Once Someone Else And Will
Be With Someone New Tomorrow
But The Blessings On Janmashtami
Will Be With You Forever
Happy Janmashtami

14. The Auspicious occasion of
Janamashtami gives another
reason for sending heartfel
Good wishes to you
Happy Janamashtami

15. "A Gift is pure when it is given from the
heart to the right person at the right time
and at the right place,
and when we expect nothing in return"
Jai shri Krishna
Happy Janamashtami